Keep going

Let’s look for the positives

2021, 11 days in, almost half way through the month already. Hasn’t been great so far has it?! January is cold, dark and miserable enough in its own right so Lockdown 3.0 could easily leave us all feeling overwhelmed and pretty fed up.

I’m lucky enough to have great work colleagues who all look out for and support each other. While business continues to go through a less buoyant period, there is still plenty for us to focus on and to work hard towards. The Construction industry for us continues to be business as usual, we have vacancies to fill across the country. The Education sector are facing a challenging time, with additional strains being put on teaching staff to not only educate key worker children within the classroom, but also provide a learning provision for those children home-schooling. Hats off to them, they are working incredibly hard and we want to extend our thanks to all teachers and support staff. Having 4 children of my own now being home schooled, we are getting just a small taste of how tough your jobs really are.

At Initial Recruitment, we will do what we can to provide hints and tips and provide resource information for our colleagues in the Education sector and are open to fill any short or long term vacancies you may have during this difficult period.

The team and I have the greatest sympathy for those industries being directly affected by the economic downturn, especially the hospitality and leisure sector where recruitment is all but nonexistent. I hope that when the time come’s everyone makes the effort to support those businesses.

Let’s look for some positives. The days are still short but are getting longer, which means Spring is on the way and who doesn’t love Spring?

When Lockdown 3.0 comes to an end and some level of normality returns, we will once again be able socialise with friends and family, and go to our favourite restaurants and bars.  Until then, I plan to do my civil duty and follow the rules while doing my best to continue making the business a success and enjoying life at home. Oh, also lose some weight.

Joe Goatley

Managing Director

Initial Recruitment