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Education – We’re here for you!

All those working in the Education sector are under a huge amount of strain and pressure during lockdown 3. Adjusting to new ways of doing things, with very little guidance on how, as well as little technological support.

This, for many, is a brand new way of teaching. There are bound to be hiccups and things to test all along the way – it’s more important than ever that teachers and parents work together, with a method for sharing constructive feedback by teachers, parents and students. Listening for all is vital, with adjustments being made as necessary. There is no rule book for teaching in school while also providing a learning provision for those being educated at home! We’re all finding our feet with this.

Many are resorting to Zoom sessions or using Teams as a way of communicating, which means relying on the wonders of technology. Here are our top tips for effective video calls:

  • With distractions in the classroom and at home for students, it’s important that within the classroom setting, you always face the camera with your head clearly in shot
  • Project your voice so you can be heard clearly.
  • Provide supporting documents, so the pupils have everything to hand for each lesson prior to the call.
  • Ask online learners to contribute just as much as if they were in the classroom, to enable them to feel included – you should have a system for taking children off ‘mute’ so they are able to speak, without talking over others.
  • Make lessons fun, interactive and use more visual aids.
  • Record lessons in case pupils are unable to join, or need to refer back to things said.
  • Do bitesize lessons rather than lengthy discussions – it is harder for children to concentrate when following lessons online.
  • Try and provide short 1:1 sessions for each online learner each week – if capacity allows.

We appreciate this is new for everyone. There will be bumps in the road, there will be frustrations, but together we can all find a way through, and we know it won’t be forever.

Ay Initial Recruitment, we remain here throughout lockdown to assist you. If you are struggling to recruit or need additional resource, we can help.

We are able to provide staff in the following areas:

  • 1:1 TA’s
  • General TA’s
  • Teachers for sick cover
  • FTC or catch up sessions

Please contact us for a confidential chat to see if we can offer a cost effective or interim solution.

Becky Oram

Initial Recruitment – Education